Our Aims, Ethos and Objectives

Learn, Have Fun and Succeed

...are carefully chosen words that encapsulate the aims of our school.

Our School Vision

Our shared vision for Ludgershall Castle Primary School is of a happy, vibrant learning community, improving together. We are working with pupils, parents and the wider community to create the supportive atmosphere of trust and mutual support in which we all thrive.

1. Our main focus will be on raising pupils’ achievement.

2. There will be a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

3. The curriculum will be broad, balanced and forward-looking and will prepare pupils for active citizenship.

Our School Aims

1. We want learning and teaching to be fun for all.

2. We always ‘have a go’ and try our best; we celebrate our successes.

3. We want to care for and respect everyone in our school; everybody matters.

4. We want school to be a safe place for everybody.

5. We know that learning is for life, not just for children.

6. We all want to be good citizens.