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Messages from Mr Bridewell and the school staff

Monday 6th April 2020


Hello Everybody,

It’s the start of the Easter break so I won’t post again until the day that we normally would have gone back to school (Monday 20th April). I hope that you’ll manage to get some Easter eggs and or hot cross buns! 

I’ve attached some advice from the Local Authority about staying safe online during the lockdown. It’s always brilliant to see the photos of your home learning and the great ideas that people are coming up with so please do carry on sharing your pictures over Easter. 

Don’t forget that your teachers will try to ring everybody on Thursday morning. 

Keep reading and keep smiling. We are missing you all and look forward to things getting back to normal one day.

Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.


Friday 3rd April 2020


Happy Friday everyone!
Great to see photographs of cooking, sowing onion seeds, a nature trail and more.
I love the idea that Miss Morris has suggested today. I look forward to hearing about any random acts of kindness that you think of. I’ll try and think of a nice way to surprise my wife over the weekend.
Did any of you try out the maths factor park, singing or STEM activities that Miss Morris suggested earlier in the week?
It looks like clapping at 8 o’clock on a Thursday is going to happen every week now. This is such a lovely way of showing support for all the people who are working hard in hospitals and other places to look after everybody. Did any of you stay up and join in? Last night we tried to make even more noise by banging saucepans with wooden spoons. My wife is very good at loud whistles so I had to block my ears for a while like people do when we shout ‘Well Done’ at our Friday assemblies.
I’m missing our Friday assemblies but I expect lots of you are being ‘star learners’ at home! Keep reading and listen carefully to your grown ups.
Have a great weekend and I’ll send another message on Monday.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.


Happy Friday!

So we’ve come to the end of our second week of Home Learning and we hope that you have enjoyed trying out some new things at home! This weekend, why not carry out some Random Acts of Kindness? You could tidy your bedroom, write a thank you note, or even make some cakes to share with your family. Whatever you decide to do, we hope it makes someone smile this weekend.
Please continue to follow the national guidelines, especially washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you’re getting bored of singing Happy Birthday, maybe choose to sing part of your favourite song instead – just make sure it is at least 20 seconds long. Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to posting some more messages next week!


Thursday 2nd April 2020



Hello Everyone,

It was great to see some more of your photographs yesterday. Wow, that bean plant!...and what a fab birthday cake.

Today I have attached some ideas I saw about scavenger hunts. I think they originated from America because some of the words are spelled the American way. I really like the ideas and you could come up with ideas of your own. Adults could make hunts up for their children and/or children could make up hunts for their parents. 

I also read an article about how just talking is a great way to help with learning. 

I have been keeping in touch with all of the staff at school and I have asked your teachers to give all of the children in their classes a telephone call. You can expect a call next Thursday, the day before Good Friday. 

It’s not to check up on your home learning or anything; we just thought it would be nice to keep in touch this way and to say hello. As there are lots of children to ring it will only be a very brief call. 

We hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe. We are all missing you. 

Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.



We wanted to share with you this fun Harry Potter activity,

and this video about how to make book reviews.


It’s Thursday!

Why not lift your mood and enjoy some music today? Whether it’s listening to your favourite album or dancing to the tunes being played on your favourite station, music has the magical power to change our mood and bring us all together. During this unpredictable time, Out of the Ark have created a Home Learning platform where you can learn some new songs (including The Bonkers Song!), all you have to do is search the following link and click on Out of the Ark Music @ Home. Do you have a favourite song you like to dance along too?


Wednesday 1st April 2020 


There is a message from Mrs Bushell instead of Mr Bridewell today.

I've been looking through all the pictures of fabulous and interesting things the children have been doing whilst at home . I loved the research about crabs. I didn't know how many different  species there were so thanks for that! Also love the gardening  some of you are doing - be sure to post photos of those seeds when they begin to flower later. I love seeing all your rainbows too; they really cheer people up! It's lovely to look at your photographs, to see what you are all up to. Thank you for posting them.
Best wishes from Mrs Bushell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School



Hello Everyone!

Why not explore some STEM learning today? STEM Learning focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and their website will be adding lots of new ideas and activities every week while the schools are closed. Just search the following website link to find lots of fun activities and see if you would like to try any out at home!




Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning everybody,
I hope that you are all doing well and it’s lovely to see the sun shining again this morning.
I’ve seen some of your cheerful rainbows and I expect they cheer up everyone who walks past your window.
There is a sign in a window near the school that says ‘Hi School’ lovely!
Well done for planting wild flower seeds and finding other fun things to do while you are at home.
The teachers are planning to give everyone a telephone call in the near future to see how you are all getting on. I’ll let you know more when I can. We’re also working on a shortened version of annual reports which we are expecting to send out earlier than usual this year.
Have any of you watched any really good films or television programmes while you have been at home? If you have, let us know and I’ll share your recommendations tomorrow morning.
Have a good day.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.



Today we’d like to share another free online resource with you which you may have already seen on the news and would like to explore. The Maths Factor is an online educational support programme for maths learning, which is led by Carol Vordeman. It includes online videos, activities as well as games and in order to support children's’ continued learning at home during the UK Schools closure, they have decided to allow free access for everyone! All you need to do is sign up for a free account at



Monday 30th March 2020


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend...although weekends are very similar to other days for most of us at the moment.

I loved seeing your books on Friday. I’ve been reading a lot too. 

Mr Wight lives in the same village as me and because we both enjoy books, I left 2 out on my doorstep for him and he came and picked them up when he was exercising and left some books for me to read. 

Maybe you could do that for your friends too.

All the teachers and other staff have been staying in touch on line and Mrs Ottaway shared a list of activities that are available free online. We have shared some of these with you before but some of them are new.

Mrs Newbury found a fun activity for her own children which involved generating ideas for a story. See if you can have a go.


Miss Morris has been contributing to our Facebook page everyday. I loved the rainbow idea. How many of you have put rainbows up in your windows? I’ve seen a few but if you haven’t shared a photo yet send us a picture of your rainbow. 

I noticed that Miss Morris mentioned gardening today. If you are lucky enough to have a garden it would be great to see some pictures of any gardening you have done. I don’t usually get much time to spend on my garden so I’ve been trying to tidy it up. 

I have attached a photo of a big pile of brambles that I’ve cut down. Let us know how you are getting on and we look forward to seeing your rainbow and/or gardening pictures.

Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.



Good Morning,


It’s Monday 30th March and the start of a brand new week of Home Learning! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. This week we will continue to share daily messages which we hope will give you some more resources, ideas and activities which you may like to explore or try out at home. Today, why not try and teach yourself a new skill? It could be to learn a few words in a different language, to learn to sew (with adult supervision!) or to do some gardening. Continue to be creative but above all today, make sure you ‘Learn, Have Fun and Succeed!’


Friday 27th March 2020



Good morning everybody,

Did any of you stay up last night to clap for all the doctors, nurses and other people who are working hard to look after us all? I hope that will happen every Thursday whilst you aren’t at school. 

I have attached a photo of the book I’m reading at the moment. It’s a grown ups’ book but you all know that I like reading children’s books too. Today it would be fantastic if you could post a picture of the book you are reading so that your teachers can see. We can’t go to libraries at the moment so I have downloaded some books onto my iPad so that I don’t need to go out of the house to buy them.


Remember, keep reading! I watched a clip online yesterday about home learning and thought it was so good that I wanted to share it with everyone so I’ve asked Mrs McKeown to post that with my message today.

We all loved your photos of food yesterday. It was wonderful to see such variety: turnovers, cakes, bread, pizza, pie and even meatballs! Delicious! 

Let’s hope it stays sunny and I hope that you’ll all have a lovely and safe weekend.

I’ll write another message for you on Monday.

Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School


Happy Friday!


So we’ve come to the end of our first week of Home Learning and we hope that you have had a positive week, albeit a rather strange one!  Next week we will continue to send out daily messages which we hope will continue to bring you some comfort and inspiration during these difficult times.  We would like to encourage you to continue to follow the government guidelines, including washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.  This will help to protect yourself as well as others.  This weekend, why not spread some hope and happiness by painting, drawing or using collage to create a colourful rainbow to put in your window for everyone to see?  


Thursday 26th March 2020


Hello everyone,
It’s our 4th day of home learning for most people and today we would love to see photos of any food you have helped prepare at home with your adults. I have attached some pictures of some food I’ve been cooking this week: a breakfast, a dinner and a pudding. We loved your photographs yesterday.
Have you seen the amazing bird house, the lovely letters to grandparents, the photo of a walk in the countryside to get some exercise, the bean diary and the lovely window display to help cheer people up? People are coming up with great ideas of their own as well as looking at our school website to see what the teachers have suggested.
Your teachers and all the other staff want to know what you’ve been up to so please attach your pictures, especially if they’re of food today...but we still want to see other ideas too.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.





We hope you are all well and are keeping up-to-date with the latest government guidelines.  Today‘s message is ‘Learn, Have Fun, Succeed!’ Not only is this our school motto but in these uncertain times, it is a really important quote to remember.  Try and be creative to make Home Learning a fun experience for all!

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning everybody,
It was wonderful to hear from so many of you yesterday and thank you very much for my birthday wishes. I was so pleased to be able to see all the fantastic photographs.
It’s brilliant that you’ve been writing to older relatives and neighbours and I really enjoy hearing that you are doing all sorts of different activities like weighing objects, drawing longboats and growing beans.
It’s also fantastic that people are sharing ideas like ‘Move like the Avengers’.

 Yesterday we were disappointed that people couldn’t attach their pictures at first so a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Mrs McKeown for sorting that out.
I know that many of you enjoy books by David Walliams and this morning I read that he has announced that he will be releasing 30 free audio stories to help entertain you at home. One story a day will be available every day for the next 30 days for free. Just google David Walliams free audiobooks and use the link.

I would also like to recommend a short book called Small Paul by Joshua Massey. This is free online and helps explain what is going on for younger children.

If you like dancing I noticed that Oti from Strictly Come Dancing is doing live dance lessons for children at 11.30 each day. At 19.30 beginner dance classes for adults and the whole family will also be available. No dance experience is required!

Finally, I have attached 16 more activities for children to do at home. You don’t have to do them all but have a look and see if any of them appeal to you.

Please, please keep telling us what you are up to and post photos of your creations...all of your teachers love seeing what you have been doing.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.


It’s Wednesday!


We are already half way through the week and today we’d like to share a link where you can check out Joe Wick’s Live P.E. sessions for children! All sessions will be uploaded onto

Tuesday 24th March 2020 


Hey everyone,
It’s the second day of home learning for most people and I just want to say how delighted I was to read all the comments after my message yesterday. It’s lovely to know that people are doing all sorts of different things at home.
Some of you have been doing PE, maths (I saw fractions, Rock Star Maths and ratio mentioned), reading, art, spellings, writing (like re-writing the ending of The BFG and keeping a diary) and dancing! Joe Wicks exercise seems very popular and somebody has even been doing woodwork.
It would be brilliant today if you attach photos of any pictures you have drawn, things you have made or writing you have done and then we can all look at what you have created!
It’s actually my birthday today and I’m a little bit sad because I won’t be able to see any of my friends. I expect some of you are missing seeing your friends too but it’s really important that we stay at home if we can. Some children are able to message their friends with emails or texts. That’s great but please remember about all the things you have learnt about staying safe on line.
If you have any older family members or neighbours, why not send them a message, draw them a picture or make them a card? If you don’t have any older relatives you could send a message to the people at Bartlett House; it would make them so happy. Something that would make me really happy on my birthday would be to know that, when you wash your hands regularly today, that you sing happy birthday to me even if I can’t actually hear you! Lol.
Finally, I just want to say ‘Stay safe and behave yourselves as well as you can for the grown ups who are looking after you.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and all of your teachers and other staff.
PS Don’t forget to post pictures of your writing and the things you draw or make.

Good Morning!

We hope your first day of Home Learning has been a success and that you are beginning to settle into some sort of routine. Don’t forget to check out Newsround on CBBC! They are currently broadcasting at 09:15, 12:10 and 16:00.


Monday 23rd March 2020


Hello everybody,
It’s the first day of school closure and I’m thinking of you all. Everyone is trying hard to make sure that we all stay safe and that we try and have some fun while our school is shut for most children.
I have heard that lots of children have been at the park. It is so important that everyone stays 2 metres apart from each other so remember that please and stick to what you have been taught in school about washing your hands with soap regularly and singing Happy Birthday twice when you do it.
Some of your parents won’t want you to go to the park and that is probably very sensible because staying apart from anyone who is not living in your house is really, really important.
Please listen carefully to the adults in your house and behave well for them.
 I am going to try to get a message to you every day.
There are lots of things you can do at home. I know most of the children, and adults, at our school love reading so you’ll have the chance to read some good books.
If you want to give your adults a nice surprise why don’t you have a go at tidying up your bedroom!
Anyway, take care and I’ll send another message tomorrow.
Best wishes from Mr Bridewell and everyone at Ludgershall Castle Primary School.

Hello Everyone!


Today is Monday 23rd March 2020 and the first day of our Home Learning!  Every weekday (Monday-Friday), we will be posting a short message for you to share with your children, which could include a suggestion of a creative activity, fun fact or helpful information.  We hope these messages will give some comfort and inspiration during these unpredictable and challenging times. 


Today’s Message: If you haven’t already, why not create a Home Learning timetable so that you have a routine to follow? Remember to include snack time and some Life Skills activities along with your home learning!