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Safer Internet Day 2018

On Tuesday 6th February 2018, to celebrate Safer Internet Day, every child worked in a small groups to enter a cluster competition, with local schools, for a chance to win an ‘Amazon Fire Kids’. In previous years we have been very successful coming 1st place in 2016 and 2nd place in 2017. This year the competition brief was:

“Use technology to produce digital content that promotes online safety”

Read below to find out how each class set about completing a project and find out who the Digital Leaders have voted to  be submitted to the cluster competition.


Lions Class

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Lions Class learnt all about Smartie the Penguin as part of Safer Internet Day. We learnt about how he makes good decisions when going online. We learnt a rhyme he sings to himself and made a penguin each, using a paper plate. Our winning group included Emelia, Garrett, Jayden and Keira as they sung the rhyme the loudest and clearest.

Tigers Class

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For Safer Internet Day Tigers Class learnt about a penguin called Smartie. He is smart as he knows how to stay safe when using the internet. He makes good choices by singing a song. We learnt this song and sang it with our own Smartie the Penguins made from paper plates. Our winning group was Alice, Cody, Elijah and Kailen because they learnt the words to the song so well.

Ocelots Class

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Our class winners are Michaela, Mabel and Leon who were able to explain everything about our Safer Internet Day learning! Using the app ‘Explain Everything’ the children took a photo of their work, showing their learning about how to stay safe on the internet. These children had a good understanding about our Digital Footprint and could explain why it is important to tell an adult anything that happens when they are online. They could also explain why it is important to be nice when on the internet so as not to upset anyone. They explored these themes through a story ‘The Three Little Monsters’.

Leopards Class

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Leopards Class heard a story about children posting unkind messages on the internet. We made posters about what we liked about our school. We then thought about how internet connections are made when we use the internet and how we create our own digital footprint. The class chose Kalib, Harrison, Isla and Murray as their winners for their effort and presentation.

Bobcats Class - 1st Place

Servals Class - 3rd Place

Caracals Class

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Caracals Class celebrated Safer Internet Day by writing and producing their very own ‘Newsround Special’ which explored lots of different tips and scenarios about how we can stay safe on the internet. The class chose Oliver and Ethan as their winners.

Pumas Class

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Pumas Class shared the Safer Internet Day PowerPoint about online bullying, thinking about what to do if they receive unkind messages online. They worked in small groups to create videos about how to be kind online and the importance of being careful with what you share on the internet. Matthew, Izimay, Rhys and John-Paul’s group were chosen for their clear message of asking permission before you post people’s photos online.

Panthers Class

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In Panthers Class the children discussed what to do if they discover someone is being bullied online and steps they can take to make sure it doesn’t happen. The class was asked to create a scenario using Purple Mash, Picollage filming a video or creating a poster to talk about the importance of being kind online. The class chose Summer, Seth, Leo and Terry for their video about thinking before you say something.

Jaguars Class - 2nd Place

Tyler, Emilia, Bradley and Harry were selected because they chose certain aspects of internet safety to reflect upon. They used their computing skills to make it lively so that other children would want to take note of the rules and thought about the transition of one slide to the next so people wouldn’t get fed up waiting for the next slide. They made a QR Code to link with the 2018 Internet Safety Day site so that children could find out more about e-safety by just scanning the code.  In addition, they suggested displaying their QR code on a poster in case children needed to access it anytime.


Lynx Class

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Lynx Class wanted to write their best ‘top tips’ for children to keep safe online. They created this as a mirror or puzzle and videoed themselves putting their top tips back together. The winning team (Keir, Gemma and Kristina) even wrote a catchy slogan, ‘stay safe online and always be kind.’

School Choir

Our school ‘Sing Up’ Choir recorded a catchy ‘Internet Safety Rules Song’ to celebrate Safer Internet Day.

If you would like to find out more about staying safe online and how you can support your child at home then check out these helpful websites below: