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Ludgershall Castle Primary School

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Who's Who

Our Teaching Staff



Areas of Responsibility 

Mr A Bridewell Headteacher

Designated Named Safeguarding Lead (DNSL)

Designated Teacher for Child Protection 

Mrs J Tucker

Year R teacher (Tigers)

Design and Technology Leader
Mrs K Edwards Year R teacher (Lions)

RE Leader

Work Experience Leader

Teacher Training Leader

Mrs E Warren

Assistant Headteacher

Year 1 teacher (Ocelots)

Mrs M Chapman Year 1 teacher (Ocelots) Science Leader
Mrs S Watson Year 1/2 teacher (Leopards)

Key Stage 1 Leader

Maths Leader

Mrs D Cummins Year 1/2 and 5 teacher (Leopards and Jaguars) Computing Lead
Mrs S McKeown Year 2 teacher (Bobcats)

Maths Leader

Mrs K Wright

Year 2 teacher (Bobcats)

Art and Design Leader

Miss T Whittam

Year 3 (Servals)

History Leader

Miss K Morris Year 3/4 teacher (Pumas)

Music Leader

Democracy Leader

Mrs F Ottaway Year 4 teacher (Panthers) Geography Leader
Mrs S Bushell

Assistant Headteacher

Year 5 teacher (Jaguars)

Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs D Bainton Year 5 teacher (Caracals 5) MFL Leader
Mrs T Linforth Year 6 teacher (Caracals 6)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)

PSHE Leader

Miss S Ottaway Year 6 teacher (Lynx)

English Leader

Training NQT Leader



Our Support Staff 

Mrs M Potter Higher Level Lead Teaching Assistant 
Mrs E Okley

Emotional Learning Support Assistant

Mrs K PoultneySports Coach/PE Leader 
Miss D BerryTeaching Assistant 
Mrs R CooperTeaching Assistant 
Mrs S GrowcottTeaching Assistant 
Miss K NewburyTeaching Assistant 
Mrs Y WatsonTeaching Assistant 
Mrs H WebbTeaching Assistant 
Mrs D ClarkTeaching Assistant 

Mrs R Cooper 

Teaching Assistant

Miss B O'Neill

Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mr M WightTeaching Assistant 
Mrs M HutchinsonTeaching Assistant 
Miss B BurrowsTeaching Assistant 
Miss M DouglasTeaching Assistant 
Mrs V McLarenTeaching Assistant 
Mrs J BeaumontAdmin & Finance Officer 
Mrs K BarnesAdmin Assistant 
Mrs V FlakeCleaner 
Mrs C Thomas


Catering Assistant

Mrs S WilsonCleaner 
Miss C Bevis


Midday Supervisory Assistant